How Getting In Touch With Nature Can Promote Spiritual Growth

Situated in the Amazon Basin, Ecuador contains some of Earth’s most outstanding natural beauty. With 1,000 hectares of protected wildlife, the Napo Province can take you away from the modern world and help you to re-awaken your spiritual side. Among the rainforest, with the calming river, Andean volcanoes and enormous biodiversity, you have a better chance here than anywhere of achieving states of calm and transcendence.

The Problem With Modern Life

Technology has a natural progression, aimed to make our lives easier and more comfortable. However, sometimes the effects of modern technology can be damaging to our spiritual growth. Humans have become disconnected from the environment they evolved in.

As a child, you probably played in the mud and climbed trees. It is rare, however, for adults to engage in these outdoor activities. While a laptop or smartphone serves a purpose, you likely still enjoy being gifted flowers. This is because you are hardwired to find nature calming. Technology, conversely, has been shown to increase anxiety and interrupt sleep.

Finding Transcendence

One way in which nature can restore spirituality is by leaving us feeling connected to something greater. It is almost impossible to comprehend the power of a mountainous volcano or enormous river such as the Napo. Despite all our technological progress, humanity is still unable to adequately protect itself against hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

The power of Mother Earth, not to mention the universe, is incredibly humbling. Yet through contemplative practices, it is possible to harness this energy. Meditation in a city can help to offset anxiety, but by spending more time in nature, you’ll be able to connect to a transcendent force.

Finding Peace

Studies suggest that water has a calming effect on humans. Those who live near rivers and oceans tend to feel less stressed than those who do not. This is why swapping roads for rivers could help aid your spiritual growth.

The sounds of animals also invoke feelings of peace. Whether you are listening to the songs of whales or wrens, you will find yourself achieving a meditative state. By lowering your heart rate, you can reduce harmful feelings of anxiety or anger and live a more peaceful life.

If you are looking to achieve spiritual growth, find time to be among nature. You will be able to overcome and stresses and anxieties of modern life, while connecting to something that is both transcendent and relaxing. Use nature to experience something truly spiritual.

Collaboration of: Cassie Steele


According to data from SENPLADES / INEC of the Ecuadorian government, the Ecuadorian Amazon region has a population of 739,814. About a third (36.7%) of the region’s inhabitants live in rural areas, of which 49.3% are below the poverty line. This has led to high levels of environmental destruction. Public education is extremely poor with

Appropriate Technology

By Douglas McMeekin – Executive Director Yachana Foundation In continuation of our goal to offer skills training to Ecuadorians impacted by the devastating earthquake in 2016, Yachana Foundation has conducted two training sessions at our training center in the Ecuadorian Amazon. These classes were highly successful in adding to the skills-base of people in rural


The mission of the Yachana Foundation is education and training. There are many ways to achieve this and one of the most successful has been the courses for men from the coastal part of Ecuador who were impacted by the earthquake a year ago. The training was in masonry. To provide the best training we

Fish Ponds

The Yachana Foundation is constantly trying to have its agricultural program be as self-sustaining as possible.  As part of this goal, we have just finished building 3 new fish ponds.  They are from 10 x 14 meters (30 x 43 feet) to 10 x 22 meters (30 x 67 feet) and are 1½ meters deep