Earthquake Ecuador

Rebuilding the Future for Coastal Ecuador

Ecuador experienced a devastating earthquake that registered 7.8 on the Richter scale on Saturday April 16th.

This caused significant damage along the northern coast of Ecuador and more than 600 people died. Thousands more were displaced and/or are missing.

Homes, buildings, infrastructure and roads are damaged or destroyed. Immediate help is vital and greatly appreciated, but the Yachana Foundation is looking at the situation with a longer term perspective in order to provide assistance.

The Foundation is working with the National Organization of Tradesmen (NOT) to provide training for youth from the affected areas of the earthquake.

The Foundation will provide basic training in construction skills: masonry, carpentry, electricity, and others that can be used in the restoration of the damaged areas.


One of the most vulnerable populations in Ecuador is the young people who don’t have skills or a job.

In the coastal area of the country, many of these same young people are now in a worse shape than before with no job and their families scattered and homes and towns destroyed.

How can Yachana help prepare these youth with the skills to participate in a productive manner in the rebuilding of their region?


Yachana Foundation has more than ten years of experience working with youth to provide basic education and skill training.

The training itself (hands-on and practical) will be provided by the NOT, but funds are necessary to cover the cost of food, lodging and materials for training for each of the students from the coastal region at Yachana.

We are asking people to adopt a student or at least part of their expenses to provide this training.

The student will receive a certificate from Yachana and the NOT which means they will have a better opportunity to secure work during this critical time.

A full scholarship for the 16 day training is $535 that includes room, board, instruction and materials for the training, but smaller donations to cover room, board or materials are also needed.

Long-Term Impact

Yachana is using the philosophy of “teach a man to fish”, not just provide handouts, to give the young people directly impacted by this disaster a way to be able to find work in their area and help in the rebuilding of their communities.

For donations of full scholarships of $535, Yachana will send donors the name of a student with a picture.

In addition, as a way to say thank you, Yachana is offering a 25% discount for two people (of the donor’s choice) to visit the award winning Yachana Lodge.


GOAL $17,120 for 32 students for the SECOND training session in masonry.

Subsequent training for 32 students each will be offered in skills of carpentry, electricity, plumbing, and other building skills.


1 Full scholarship for the 16 days of training USD 535
Toolkit for students to take with them USD 45
1 cubic meter of sand or gravel to mix concrete USD 75
Cement and rebar USD 95
Board, 3 daily meals USD 160
Housing, 16 days USD 160


Another History of Success

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