Yachana Lodge is perched on bluff high above the banks of the Napo River.

Here guests are offered privileged views of this dramatic waterway and spectacular views of up to five volcanoes to the south and west.

This all occurs amidst the tropical greenery of the surrounding primary and secondary rainforests that makes up the 2500 acre Yachana Preserve.

Comfort in the jungle

Guest face the exotic beauty of the Amazon Basin head on, feeling the adrenaline rush of the dramatic river views below the lodge and the comfort of premium environmentally conscience accommodations, the beauty of vibrant gardens and a “real opportunity” to experience local life in the Amazon of Ecuador.

Yachana Training Center

YTC bungalowThe Yachana Training Center was originally designed to house students of the Foundation who now have their accommodation near the training workshops, which are more comfortable and practical.

It consists of 3 units of brick and cement, divided into 2 bungalows and 1 “casita” conveniently away from the workshops, so that passengers can enjoy more quiet and comfort.

It works as a hotel-school, so there is an enormous interactivity with students who are eager to make contact with people from other cultures, customs and languages, especially English.

It has wide open spaces to enjoy hiking.

The goal of the Yachana Training Center is to provide a place where their guests can enjoy the unique aspects of the Amazon Basin’s nature without sacrificing comfort during a stay with us.

The Yachana Reserve

This is our 1,200 hectare (2,550 acre) rainforest Yachana Ecological Reserve. Either in our open bus for bird and monkey watching or extensive hikes in the forest, you will have wonderful views of the jungle and its wildlife. Your hikes in the primary rainforest will allow you to discover the fauna and flora of the region plus an introduction to an extraordinary selection of medicinal plants and their uses.

Yachana Banana Circles