Since 1991, Yachana has had many triumphs in improving the standard of living in the Ecuadorian Amazon and the protection and conservation of the rainforest. The proceeds from Yachana Lodge, Yachana Technology and our other micro-enterprises help support the work of the Yachana Foundation and enable the continuity of education for the area’s indigenous and mestizo youth. While these ventures help the Foundation continue on it’s mission to achieve sustainability through education and conservation, it is only through the generous support and donations from individuals like you that truly make a difference!

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Have you ever thought about being part of a network of volunteers and experience the fantastic diversity and culture of the Amazon of Ecuador? Do you have a desire to interface with the local community from the classroom right into the jungle? Does the ecology of the rainforest intrigue you? The Yachana Foundation is looking for volunteers with an interest in teaching Ecuadorian indigenous and mestizo youth in the areas of English, Computers, Cooking, Tourism, Agriculture (permaculture) and Hands-On Construction and Conservation skills. Join us and you will learn to “Live the Amazon” with the community that makes the Amazon come alive!

Yachana Training Center is located in close proximity to Yachana Lodge where guests engage with students at the center to learn the needs of the community and how guests can help and support foundation projects through donations.

Yachana Foundation runs a mixed day school and boarding school. The Yachana Training Center offers formal education to secondary school students in very remote areas of the Orellana Province. International volunteers are invited to support the educational program of the Training Center by supporting lead teachers and sharing each volunteers personal experiences and skills with the students. The aim is to encourage the students to value education, mentor them, and demonstrate the power of voluntary service.

The volunteers will be assisting the teachers in running classes in English, Computers, Cooking, Tourism, Agriculture (permaculture), Welding, Carpentry, Physical Education and Art. The teachers, foundation director and foundation staff will guide the volunteers. Volunteers will interact with both day school and boarding students.

For more information please get in touch.