Live the Amazon

For over 20 years Yachana Lodge has provided an immersive learning experience for visitors of all ages from all over the world.
No other lodge offers such a diverse range of activities and experiences in the Amazon rainforest.
• Stay in our comfortable new lodge with private bathroom at the Yachana Foundation
• Hike in our 2,500 acre rainforest reserve
• Visit an indigenous healer
• Harvest food from the farm
• Learn to cook local food
• Make chocolate from local cacao beans
• Live and learn in our 12.5 acre science park
• Understand metamorphosis in our butterfly house
• Raise plants and fish together using aquaponics
• Learn about ram pumps, micro hydroelectricity, solar energy
• Help local farmers using permaculture practices.
To find out more or book your stay please contact us.



Functioning as a Hotel-School the Yachana Foundation and Yachana Lodge offers 2 cabins with four rooms each one. Each room with two twin size beds provide a confortable stay. Having our butterfly house just a cross the stream in front of your room gives you new world to explore and be one of the most beatiful creatures on the planet.


The perfect place for academy tours

There are various areas for academy tours at the Yachana Foundation. Please contact us with your ideas and motivations and we will be happy to custumize aprogram. Here an example for Virginia Tech:


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