Our selection of great packages specifically tailor to take care of you all the way from Quito to our eco-friendly cabins nestled above the Napo River within the Lodge’s own 2,500-acre nature reserve.

All our packages to Yachana Lodge & Yachana Training Center include local round trip transportation between El Coca and the lodge, accommodations, meals and all the activities while at the lodge.

Air transportation between Quito and Coca (round-trip) can be arranged as an additional charge.

These reservations are managed by Yachana to ease your transition for your visit from Quito to the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Yachana Tours can produce packages that are customizable to your desires, visit other places in Ecuador and are priced separately.

Take a journey you will never forget as you explore some on of Ecuador’s most biologically diverse Amazon jungle area.

The Yachana Lodge & Yachana Training Center trip offers the perfect combination of adventure, primary rainforest hiking, bird watching, visiting the local shaman, learning about the local inhabitants, comfortable accommodations and exquisite cuisine in beautiful, and stress-free surroundings.

Your journey into the Amazon Jungle begins at Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

If you go by air, during the 30-minute flight over the Andes from Quito to the jungle town of Coca, on a clear day, you’ll enjoy amazing views of snow covered mountains and the endless green expanse of the rainforest as you begin your descent into the Amazon.

If you go by road you will discover beautiful landscapes while ascending the mountains (Cordillera Oriental) through the “paramo” up to 4,200 meters (12,600 feet) over sea level at Papallacta region and then descending to an always green sabana known as the “oriente”, jungle or Amazon region.

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