Both Yachana Lodge & Yachana Training Center Hotel-School were constructed within international guidelines of sustainable development.

The fundamental design of Yachana is one of ecological and environmental consciousness.

The on-going mission of the Yachana Lodge & Yachana Training Center Hotel School is a commit to sustainable tourism and best practices that cover environmental, social, economic and cultural aspects of lodge operations.

Yachana was built by hand using local materials and local labor.

Today the lodge continues to employee local staff from adjacent communities or from the Yachana Foundation educational programs.

This helps to support local business practices and provides tangible benefits to the local communities.

Vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs and meats for meals are procured from local farms or in nearby villages.

Other sustainable efforts include solar-heated water, an ozone system for treating drinking water, LED lights and more.

What the experts says

“Many many thanks for having allowed me to experience the amazon by Yachana sides. Your name doesn’t lie, it was a stay full of learnings!! As far as from now (50 hotels and lodges visited from Mexico to Ecuador), I believe that you are my best example of sustainable tourism!!”
Florie Thielin

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