Live the Amazon

For over 25 years Yachana Lodge has provided an immersive learning experience for visitors of all ages from all over the world.
No other lodge offers such a diverse range of activities and experiences in the Amazon rainforest.
• Stay in our comfortable new lodge with private bathroom at the Yachana Foundation
• Hike in our 2,500 acre rainforest reserve
• Visit an indigenous healer
• Harvest food from the farm
• Learn to cook local food
• Make chocolate from local cacao beans
• Live and learn in our 12.5 acre science park
• Understand metamorphosis in our butterfly house
• Raise plants and fish together using aquaponics
• Learn about ram pumps, micro hydroelectricity, solar energy
• Help local farmers using permaculture practices.
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The Yachana Lodge

Functioning as a Hotel-School, the Yachana Foundation and Yachana Lodge offers 2 cabins with four rooms per cabin. Each room offers two twin size beds to ensure that you have a comfortable stay and a great nights sleep. The Yachana Butterfly House,which is just across the stream from our cabins, will give you the opportunity to step into a whole new world and  explore one of the most beatiful creatures on the planet.

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