How The Old
Inspired The New

The name Yachana is derived from the local Kichwa word for “a place for learning.” Since 1995, we have been dedicated to finding sustainable solutions in the struggle between the ideals of rainforest preservation and the realities of life in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Yachana Lodge was created to be a source of financial support to projects of the Yachana Foundation and 100% of the proceeds from your visit will go to supporting the foundation’s non-profit programs.

The old Yachana Lodge inspired a new mission to provide educational programs for both world-wide visitors and the local community. This pivotal realization lead to two things:

  1. The reconstruction of Yachana Educational Lodge
  2. The construction of The Yachana Training Center

Why We Exist

Our mission is to help improve lives while protecting the environment that our world is dependent upon.

Yachana Foundation

The Yachana Foundation is located in Quito, Ecuador. Our Kichwa name sums up our philosophy: education. The foundation is embarking on a new initiative in education with the creation of a science park. Our living laboratory of 2,500 acres of rainforest supports conservation education as well as studying STEM subjects.

Yachana Lodge

At our Yachana lodge, you have the opportunity to live the Amazon. For over 20 years, the lodge has provided an immersive learning experience for visitors of all ages from all over the world. No other lodge offers such a diverse range of activities and experiences in the Amazon rainforest.

Yachana Reserve

Our Yachana Ecological Reserve is 1,200 hectare (2,550 acre) rainforest. You will have wonderful views of the jungle and its wildlife either from our open bus for bird and monkey watching or extensive hikes in the forest. Your hikes in the primary rainforest will allow you to discover the nature of the region and give an introduction to an extraordinary selection of medicinal plants and their uses.

Yachana Educational Lodge

The first thing you realize when arriving at Yachana are the amazing views of the Napo River winding through the valley. During the evening hours the sun sets over the western horizon where the Amazon Rainforest meets Ecuador’s Andes Mountains. On clear days the peaks of five volcanoes can be clearly seen on the horizon.


Yachana Training Center

The Yachana Training Center is a hotel-school providing hands-on S.T.E.M (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs to local students. Projects include education, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and entrepreneurialism that benefit local indigenous and mestizo youth from the Amazon region.

The center was built by hand using local materials, local labor, and was constructed within international guidelines of sustainable development. Over the past 10 years, our training center has educated over 500 students to reach their full potential and lead a life that will not only help themselves, but also give back to their communities. The on-going mission of the Yachana Training Center Hotel School is a commitment to sustainable tourism and best practices that cover environmental, social, economic and cultural aspects of lodge operations. Today, we continue to employee local staff from adjacent communities or from the Yachana Foundation educational programs, which helps to support local business practices and provides tangible benefits to the local communities.

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