What is our purpose?

Our Kichwa name Yachana means

“A Place for Learning,”

which sums up our philosophy:


The fascinating aspect of the foundation is the focus on community development and education. They first started with building schools; an elementary school, a middle school and now they have a high school.

The Yachana Foundation is embarking on a new initiative in education with the creation of a science park.

The schools in the area have the some of the lowest levels of educational results of the entire country. The schools have limited laboratories and approximately 60% of the teachers have only a high school degree.

It is a requirement of technical high schools that the sophomore and junior year students spend at least 20 days each year in some activity related to their area of specialization. Yachana is offering a multitude of activities that will support these internships in three areas: agriculture, industrial mechanics and tourism.

The science park educational/experiential activities include facilities of room and board for approximately 35 national and 30 international students or visitors on a continuing basis.

The exhibits are hands-on and practical to support the needs and understanding of the young people from the region.

Our living laboratory of 2,500 acres of rainforest supports conservation education. The program also supports the emphasis on studying STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math).

Education and hands-on training programs provide locals with the skills to improve their lives.

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