Yachana Lodge is an award-winning, Amazon ecotourism destination that inspires thousands of international and Ecuadorian visitors each year.


With a visit to the NEW Yachana Lodge, you’ll be granted a window into the lives and environment of the people living in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.

The NEW part refers to the completely rebuilt, upscale ecolodge cabins with spectacular views of the Napo River located in Yachana’s 2500 acre rainforest reserve.

Choose from 4 Day or 5 Day all inclusive packages, and you’re in for an unforgettable introduction to our world of “Geotourism”, for which Yachana won the Geotourism Challenge, a worldwide award given by the National Geographic’s Center for Sustainable Destinations.

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Yachana’s Non-Profit Mission

“Yachana” means “a place for learning” in the indigenous Kichwa language. Since 1995, the mission of the Yachana Foundation has been dedicated to finding sustainable solutions in the struggle between the ideals of rainforest preservation and the realities of life in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Yachana Lodge was created to be a source of financial support to projects of the Yachana Foundation and 100% of the proceeds from your visit will go to supporting the foundation’s non-profit programs. Projects include education, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and entrepreneurialism that benefit local indigenous and mestizo youth from the Amazon region.

Location of the Ecolodge

Yachana is a two-hour motorized canoe ride up the Napo River from the city of Coca, Ecuador. The ecolodge is also accessible by bus and by car from Quito and nearby Loreto.

Yachana Awards and Rave Reviews

We’re proud of our #1 ranking in TripAdvisor for the entire Napo Province of Ecuador!

“Yachana Lodge is the best true ecotourism project I have found in 17 years of travel in Ecuador. Highly recommended and congratulations.”
Rob Rachowiecki, Author of Lonely Planet, Ecuador

“…Yachana Lodge excels in introducing guests to, and encouraging their participation in, the local ways of life.”
Brook Wilkinson, Reporter for Condé Nast Traveler

“…ecotourism being of vital importance for the improvement of the living standards of the local people and the conservation of the Amazon rainforest.”
United Nations World Tourism Organization’s case study of Yachana

What Our Guests Are Saying!

“Yachana Lodge located on a hill overlooking the Napo River. Beautiful cabins where jungle sounds are the last thing you hear at night, and the first thing you hear when you wake up in the morning.”

TripAdvisor Review
February 2015


“….. le lodge offre un cadre magnifique pour découvrir l’Amazonie. Ce lodge est la branche touristique de la Yachana Foundation, un ONG dédié à améliorer les conditions de vie des communautés locales de l’Amazonie. Ils proposent différentes activités dans la jungle, baignade, trek, activités culinaires avec des produits locaux et découverte de la culture Kichwa avec un chaman”.