Yachana Training Center

Yachana Training Center Bungalows


Through the years the Yachana Foundation has been involved in many different projects from health, agriculture, income generation, micro finance and education.

Our focus for the past 10 years has been in education and we have reached over 500 students.

We have demonstrated the impact of our program by the excellent opportunities that many of these young people have gone on to achieve.

But most importantly is that through these many years of trail and error, we have finally designed a program that will create a new paradigm in education, meeting the needs of youth from low income, rural backgrounds.

These young people want practical experience and not just theory and we have finally found a formula where we can provide that.

We want the young people to learn to critically think, to question, and to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Using a loophole we have found within the Ministry of Education we have established a new paradigm in education for young people looking for a vocational education but where they will still be able to get a high school degree.

The program allows us to structure an academic educational program with a strong emphasis on practical, hands-on learning experiences; which is what the young people want and not theory.

Now that this has been identified and tested for the past year and a half, we are applying it in our expanded program to serve many more rural youth from very poor backgrounds that will start in September 2015.

The program that Yachana has developed is based on a residential setting but the same model can be applied in rural areas where the students could live at their homes and come to the program each day.

Our limiting factor to expanding the program to serve more young people is funding.

Once established, the program could be replicated and scaled up in other parts of Ecuador or other countries.


Functioning as a Hotel-School the Yachana Training Center offers 2 bungalows with four rooms each one. Each room with two bunk beds comfortable and tranquil with its own private bathroom are tucked within a lush landscape of Heliconias, Strangler Vines, Bromeliads, Kapok tree and a myriad of other native plants. (Max. 32 pax).

Also offers a “Casita” with 2 bedrooms. (Max. 4 pax).

All rooms have a private bathroom (No hot water), doors and furniture has been fabricated from native woods and hand made locally by the Yachana Foundation.

At Yachana Training Center there is a constant to teach through doing. This is why our students are always involved in the development of new infrastructure for visitors.

Dining & Bar

Meals are served in a communal dining restaurant, run by the students themselves, who practice the various activities that will help them in their professional future.

The policy for alcoholic beverages is zero because the students who are minors of age.

You will have unlimited ozonized water. Juices, coffee and liquids will be served with foods.

The perfect place for academy tours

There are various areas for academy tours at the Yachana Training Center. Please contact us with your ideas and motivations and we will be happy to adapt our resources to your objectives. Here an example for Virginia Tech:


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